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​In the bustling landscape of the UAE, the 'TakeMe' app emerged as a game-changing solution to the challenges of public transportation. As the region's pioneer car-booking platform, 'TakeMe' offered residents an efficient and reliable alternative to long bus waits and the constraints of carpooling. Seamlessly transforming urban commuting, 'TakeMe' swiftly became the UAE's answer to timely and dependable travel.

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In the UAE, residents grapple with inefficient public transport systems characterized by long waiting times and unreliable schedules. While carpooling with acquaintances is an adopted practice, it doesn't cater to everyone's needs, leaving a significant portion of the population without a convenient travel solution. The absence of a reliable car-booking system exacerbates these daily commuting challenges, demanding an innovative solution to streamline urban transportation.



I developed UI mockups for the "TakeMe" car booking platform, focusing on intuitive pathways for tasks such as signup, login, password retrieval, and ride reservation. Each mockup prioritized ease of use, ensuring that users could navigate seamlessly from initial signup through to providing driver feedback post-ride. Employing a sophisticated yet straightforward design language, the mockups integrated a harmonious color palette and clear design elements. These visuals cohesively encapsulated the core objectives of "TakeMe", balancing both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

01 Signup & Login Flow

For "TakeMe"'s UI mockups, the signup and login interfaces prioritize simplicity, capturing essentials and facilitating quick access through varied integrations.

image image
02 Forget Password Flow

In instances of forgotten passwords, "TakeMe" provides a systematic and secure recovery method. Users are guided through a clear set of instructions to reestablish access.

image image
03 Car Booking Flow

Booking a car is the main part of "TakeMe". Users pick their destination, see their driver's info, and get live updates about their ride. It's all designed to be smooth and user-friendly.

image image image image image image
04 Ride Completed Flow

After a ride in "TakeMe", users see a short summary of their trip. Right after, they can easily give a rating or leave comments about the driver.

image image image
05 Notification Flow

For "TakeMe", it's vital to keep our users in the loop. The Notification interface is structured to deliver timely updates, using clean icons and easy-to-read messages.

06 Past & Scheduled Ride Flow

To manage rides effortlessly, this section neatly displays a user's ride history and their upcoming bookings. It provides clarity, ensuring no ride detail goes unnoticed.

07 Wallet Interface Flow

Financial transactions are central to the experience. The Wallet design consolidates all payment details and balances, ensuring users can easily track and manage their funds.

08 Bookmarked Locations Flow

For our frequent travelers, we've introduced a system to save their favorite destinations. This feature simplifies repeated bookings, turning a routine into a two-click process.

09 Refer & Earn Flow

Encouraging community growth, this mechanism is designed for users to refer friends and earn rewards. It’s a win-win, with clear steps and benefits displayed.

10 Settings Dashboard Flow

Personalizing the "TakeMe" experience is made easy. Within Settings, users can tailor app preferences to suit their individual needs.

image image
11 FAQ Section Flow

For common queries and concerns, the FAQ offers straightforward answers. It’s a hub of information, ensuring users don't feel lost at any point.

13 Promo Codes Flow

Promotions enhance user loyalty. This section is designed for users to easily find, apply, and benefit from ongoing promotional offers.

14 Profile Management Flow

Every user gets a personalized space. The Profile section neatly presents personal details and app preferences, allowing easy edits and updates.


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